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Did you know that interestingly, the study techniques most frequently used by students (re-reading, summarizing or underlining texts) have a minimum effectiveness of long-term reminder?  I want to know more +

Finally technology supports students and teachers, to make it very easy to benefit from the methodologies that neuroscience has identified that achieve lasting learning, and an agile application of the concepts learned.

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The most powerful neurodidactic methodology

Neuroscientific studies have shown that when answering quizzes, the concepts are reflected making a very effective cognitive effort to consolidate learning.

Trainapp enhances the effect of continuous self-evaluation with:

  • spiral itinerary, with personalized spaced repasses with an adaptive algorithm at increasing intervals of time, according to what each student needs to reinforce until they are stored in their memory
  • multimedia concepts for a dual stimulation (visual and written) of memory
  • video game environment with personal and social challenges, which favor motivation and self-improvement
  • microsessions of no more than 15 minutes / day so that a deep attention is possible
  • extended times to answer questions without stress, at a flexible rate of advance

Traditionally the questions have been used to evaluate the students in tedious final tests of the formative period. With Trainapp the exams will stop being stressful, since they will reach them with the tranquility of mastering the contents.

How to use Trainapp Schools?

Although there may be other moments of use, our proposal is that students mainly have fun playing to self-assess themselves from their homes 10-15 minutes each evening. Trainapp reinforces what has been learned in the classroom the previous days or weeks, and in a personalized way, follows up on what was explained in the previous weeks, until it is well consolidated in memory. This allows not only to memorize, but also favours progressively interrelating new concepts with what is already known.

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