Ensures that ALL your commercial network ALWAYS masters the strategic knowledge it needs to exceed its objectives

Align your sales network with excellence


Trainapp Sales-Force has extensive experience in getting commercials to acquire and master their strategic knowledge as:

  • Product updates
  • The new releases
  • Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • The competitors
  • The differentiating argument
  • Professional skills and sales techniques
  • The customer segments: behavior and needs
  • Support material for sale

Are you looking for the best game to train your sales network?

Trainapp is the most effective, innovative and motivating option for face-to-face and on-line training.

¿Is Trainapp useful for companies with an online corporate training campus (LMS)?

ROI is not obtained when evaluating the learning with an exam after each module the courses of e-learning, since without periodic reviews the acquired knowledge is forgotten in a very short time. These re-impacts are generated by an LRS such as Trainapp.

— Examples of use of Trainapp —


Dynamics with Trainapp 3 intense days of face-to-face talks at the convention to launch a new product. The commercials contribute to create contents with the FAQ that most interest their clients.


The team receives training pills by e-mail, which can be consulted in the LMS, and they are consolidated by synchronizing with them the access to the stations of the journey related to the topic of the pill.


Without previous training, a leading laboratory in its sector trains hundreds of pharmacies and parapharmacies in a therapeutic area and the management of their products and the most persuasive sales techniques.


Consolidation of all the training received when joining a new position, both on the company and on the technical area it will occupy.

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