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Increase the productivity of your corporate training and get results

All what you TEACH, deserve to be RECALLED.

Our dynamics of neurodidactic gamification for companies certify that employees consolidate knowledge in their memory. They will master your strategic concepts, geting able to apply and comunicate themagile and firmly, improving their productivity.


is the branch of neuroscience that optimizes teaching,

aligning it with the way human brain works.

What can you achieve introducing neurodidactic gamification in your training?

Our neurodidactic methodology is based on techniques supported by sciencific results answering how to enalble long-term memory retention and knowledge transfer to practice, allowing to achieve the most ambitious training objectives.

Resultados en la consolidación de conocimientos aplicando la gamificación neurodidáctica en tus formaciones

Excellent level

At the end of the neurodidactic project, each person dominates more than 95% of its content, with little effort in personal time.

Resultados de la consolidación del aprendizaje a través de la gamificación de técnicas neurodidácticas


Once knowledge is consolidated can remain active in the memory for years, expanding the personal base of creativity resources and making future learnings easier.

Resultados de la ágil transferencia a la práctica profesional a través de la gamificación de técnicas neurodidácticas

Agile application

During our neurotraining projects, neural routes to recall each knowledge are strengthened, favoring an agile transfer of learning to professional practice to improve performance.

Imagine being able to make your trainings invulnerable to time,

and so engaging that at the end people will ask you for more contents 

How do we consolidate employees learning?

It has been scientifically proven that forgetting can be avoided when a person tests his/her knowledge for several weeks at increasing lapses of time, specially in those moments when new knowledge are stating to be forgotten, until they get permanently stored in memory.

Each review further contributes to reduce the slope of the concept’s forgetting curve. The initial need of lots of concentration to apply it correctly to improve performance, evolves to be processed with agility in an unconscious and immediate way to each professional challenge where applicable.

The attractive dynamics of a neurodydactic serious game including SILTOM methodology allows us to perform these rehearsals without causing boredom. Our adaptive algorithm personalize reviews to each person needs to reinforce the concepts, to maximize effectiveness.

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Pillars of our methodology that maximize the effectiveness of e-learning:

Scientific evidence

Each dynamic of the game was designed to include cognitive strategies, supported by solid conclusions from decades of neuroscientific studies aimed to identify the best ways to remember learning for long time. Reed more +

Spiral microlearning

The most strategic concepts are organized in spiral itineraries, alternating new concepts with revews of the previous ones. Microsessions of about 10 minutes/day spaced in several weeks, make it very easy to find othe right moments to play and learn.


A graphic environment and an interesting videogame thread, is the framework of a non-aggressive competition between users who advance at their own pace, generating excitement and intrinsic motivation to learn even on non-working days, along with team building experiences.  Reed more +

Gamification of memory retention strategies

The SILTOM methodology (Successful Intelligence Lasting in Top of Mind) includes the most effective study tecniches and other cognitive strategies for long-term memory, dynamizing them in the  Trainapp videogame. It allows enables the digital transformation of the lasting memorization process that can complement any teaching method.

Go up to the next level to achive results

Kirkpatrick identified that to enable a training action to improve performance and business impact, a favorable final satisfaction survey is not enough. It is essential to reach higher levels of effectiveness, planning strategies to make knowledge stick in memory, and apply it to the job performance.

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