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Start an unforgettable journey in the knowledge train, and become the protagonist of advancing through the depth of your learning, creating new opportunities to successfully solve your daily challenges. The trip will be fun and varied, surrounded by your colleagues.

Don’t run! Enjoy it quitely and enrich yourself with interesting knowledges in each station where you stop.

Learning this way is really easy and fast !

Are you looking for the best game to train your sales force?

Trainapp is the most effective, innovative and motivational option both for training events or e-learning.

Self-improve to achieve excellence

In addition to the competition for climbing in the individual and teams ranking, the goal of each Trainapp player is mastering more than 95% of knowledge at the end of the journey.

Self-monitoring your progress makes it possible to demonstrate the effectiveness of the time spent, and is an intrinsic motivation to keep moving forward.

A gamified Learning retention system (LRS

Practical and inspiring microsections of about 10 minutes distributed over several weeks, will enable learners to think over each concept multiple times, making decisions in a safe environment to become the experience of training exciting and effective.

There is no initial agenda, but some notes (learning-by-doing) of revisable microconcepts are built at any moment in the stage where you are, to be well prepared when you reach the final super-stage.

To achieve a WOW effect, the graphic environment is customizable to the branding or sector of each project.


 Trainapp is a multidevice application, for smartphones, tablets o computers.

The most engaging learning experience 

Its multiple elements of intrinsic motivation make Trainapp attractive to the most majority of user profiles.

Even people who are not interested in winning the competition, value very positively that they are not just being invited to a game, but they are offered an effective and helpful tool to increase their knowledge and become better professionals, with broad flexibility of time to go through at your pace along the way

.    + about ENGAGEMENT


Consolidate endless knowledge at excellent levels

Ensure people mastery the most strategic concepts

Create a collaborative learning community

Trainapp energizes your face-to-face training

Trainapp converts your face-to-face courses or training events (congresses, business meetings, product launches, etc.) into an innovative and participatory experience for attendees, as well as productive in terms of the learning they take.

Your audience will be conquered and you will not forget your strategic messages shortly after concluding the agenda combining the scientifically demonstrated power of the interactive tests and the strength of the engagement of your gamification dynamics.

Trainapp is specially interesting for:

Redes comerciales / Distribuidores:

  • Product launches & updates
  • Strategic message alignment
  • Competences certification
  • Deep knowledge of competitors
  • Answers to FAQ
  • Professional skills and sales techniques
  • Customer segments knowlege: behavior and needs
  • Mastery how to effectively use of support material for sale


Headquarters staff / Customer Service:

  • Onboarding
  • Customer Service protocols
  • Management skills & competences
  • Corporate values and culture
  • Consolidation of knowledge of training received in recent years
  • Procedures / regulations
  • Internal Politics


Consultants / learning institutions:

  • Consolidation of knowledge of courses
  • Added value differenciation of other learning companies
  • Real certification of long lasting knowledge achieved

Interactive face-to-face training with high attendants participation


Is Trainapp useful for companies that already has an online campus (LMS)?

You will get no learning ROI if you just  ievaluate learning with an exam after teaching a passive course. You need to add to your corporate learning programs follow-up reviews that just an LRS like Trainapp can generate.

— Trainapp examples of different use opportunities —

Trainapp offers you learning innovation with the most pòwerful learning trends:



Adaptative learning






Social learning


360º multiformat learning


Mobile learning


Collaborative learning


Analisys metrics


¿Would you like to know more about how does Trainapp consolidate learning?

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Trainapp dinamiza tu formación presencial 


Trainapp convierte tus cursos presenciales o eventos formativos (congresos, reuniones comerciales, lanzamientos de productos, etc.) en una experiencia innovadora y participativa para los asistentes, a la vez que productiva en cuanto al aprendizaje que se lleven.

Conquistará a tu audiencia y hará que no olviden tus mensaje estratégicos poco después de concluir la agenda combinando el poder científicamente demostrado de los test interactivos y la fuerza del engagement de sus dinámicas de gamificación.


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