Legendary Learning deals with neurodidactic and consolidation of learning

Legendary Learning deals with neurodidactic and consolidation of learning

Last week Juan Daniel Sobrado interviewed me on a blog podcast Learning Legendario, which aims to teach trainers to get impactful, participatory and memorable training, and thus combat the endless PowerPoint sessions with little or no involvement from the participants. In this context, the neurodidactic focused on consolidating the learning of 21st century professionals could not be lacking.

Applying to Enzo Ferrari’s famous phrase “Everything that deserves to be done, it deserves to be done well”, we can also affirm that “ALL TRAINING THAT DESERVES TO BE GIVEN, DESERVES TO BE REMEMBERED.” With Juanda Sobrado we talked about what the trainers can do so that the courses they teach are consolidated in the memory of their students and do not start a caustic process of falling into oblivion as soon as they finish the last class or exam. Getting the knowledge to remain fresh in the memory for a long time, is the only formula so that in parallel you get to speed up your mental processing and apply it to the practical challenges of everyday life.

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If you want to talk a little more about the consolidation of learning you can send us an e-mail to info@siltom.com, and we will be happy to agree with you a virtual meeting in our virtual room: https://appear.in/siltom 

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