We have turned into a game the conclusions of decades of neuroscientific studies, to make training become the most powerful action of your business plan.

Can you sing a 1 minute song that you heard only once? It is practically impossible. To memorize the lyrics, you need to listen and to practice singing it repeatedly, with self-improveing motivation until you get it right. This is the natural way how the human brain learns.

To master your products with EXCELLENCE, a single training impact is not enough either, but this first familiarization with a topic must be consolidated by doing active reviews distributed over several weeks.

Trainapp can help your sales force to learn effectively in a very easy way. Your reps will not only be able to hum as little as they remember about the arguments and strategies that they heard during the hours of explanations that were so hard to prepare, but they will master and apply them with agility as a single well aligned voice.


Certify that your commercial delegates master the knowledge of all their products and markets, defending them with confidence and conviction in front of their clients, They will be able to identify and successfully solve any sales opportunity that comes their way.


Consolidate your strategic messages in the top of mind of the prescribers of your products, so that they could keep them fresh in each opportunity to offer and argue them to a client, while establishing a closer commercial relationship  of your sales force with them.


Convert the sales conventions, live courses or congresses, into motivating and very productive experiences, which extend beyond the end of the event. You will manage to maintain attention, and participation will be bidirectional, and attendants will retain all they have learned.

In Siltom we know in depth how to make the human brain learn more and better, and we have extensive experience in helping sales teams or channel prescribers to enjoy becoming great experts.

Other uses of neurodidactic gamification:

prevention of occupational hazards

safety regulations



procedures, …

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